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Merlin’s beard, Lily. We’re going to be parents. Us. Can you imagine that?


I shaped the history of Middle-earth. I crafted the Rings of Power. [x]

The movie is about…as he struggles to find an identity in the modern world, his old life is slipping away - is hanging on by a thread. Peggy doesn’t remember him… and she’ll be dead soon. She’s the last remnant of his past. And Sam happens to find his way into his life, so now he’s slowly meeting a new friend, he’s gaining a trust with Widow…so the movie is about a journey for him as he finds new elements in the modern world to emotionally attach himself to. The cruel twist is that, the Winter Soldier shows up…and it’s like the past punching him in the face.” — Joe Russo [x]
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Hi! This is my old favorite fonts;

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♛ legendarium characters

Lúthien & Beren

The marriage of Beren and Lúthien was the first of the three unions of a mortal Man and an Elf, of which came the Half-elven, those who had both elven and human ancestors. Like Lúthien, they were given the choice of being counted among either Elves or Men.